Have softmobbed my wii and can play new mario brothers and toy story fine using defult settings in neogamma

but cant get peppa pig to work
Playing them all from the same dvd,s and made all the same way
thought it might be a bad image but others are saying theirs are working
using neogamma r8 beta 7 10s249 (rev 14)
wii is now up to 4.1 i think but as its playing other backups just fine i think it is some setting
my wii is pal
the mario is ntsc and the peppa that wont play is pal

ok here is what happens when i load the peppa pig
neogamma does not seem to load (black screen) somtimes i get in white writing loading and 3 dots flashing but this goes on forever
burned the disc at slowest speed 3 times to rule out bad burn

question 1 -are the settings in neogamma disc specific or do they hold even if you switch off your wii
question 2- what is rebooting with hooks
question3- under rebooter options region free,remove copy flags and skip updates are all no should they not all be yes
question 4-what is button skip

that is all for now will be back with more after