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Thread: I need help please!

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    I need help please!

    Hello Wiihacks! I apologize if this is the wrong place to post this.

    Ok, so let me start by saying...I need help hacking my Wii. Let me explain my experiences in the past and why I want to hack my Wii.

    Back when I had version 4.1U, I had attempted to hack my Wii. It didn't work correctly, some of the files (I think that they were some IOS files) wouldn't install correctly and failed to install. In the end, the only thing that ended up working was the Homebrew channel. I couldn't even install anything else. I had read somewhere were certain models of Wii had trouble installing certain files or something, so my first question: Will my Wii have problems installing anything? It's model number is RVL - 001 USA.

    Ok, well, since my plan to hack my Wii failed, I had upgraded to 4.2U and just decided to forget hacking it.

    If you can't tell, I still want to hack it. :P

    Ok, second question time: Do I have to do anything special to my Wii since I partially install some files to it? Or did the 4.2U update wipe out anything I did to it?

    Now, next question. I had to use my friend's internet to try and hack my Wii the first time since I use free internet provided by a university I live right next to that doesn't work with my Wii. All I really want to do is import Tales of Graces from Japan (however, it would be nice to use homebrew applications), so would my best option to get a mod chip instead of dragging my Wii over to my friend's house? If I did get a mod chip, I cannot shoulder or anything like that. I know that there are some Wii mod chips that don't require shouldering. Is there a newer mod chip that works with new games like Tales of Graces? If so, what is a good, trustworthy site to buy from? Also, how difficult is it to install a mod chip? Is there any extra things I would need to buy? Is there a possibility of breaking my Wii?

    Or do you all suggest I just follow the 4.2 hacking guide instead? If I do following the 4.2 hacking guide and some files won't install, what would I do? I don't want to run into the same problems I did when I tried to hack my Wii on 4.1U. Oh, also, is there a way to hack my Wii without the internet? That would solve lots of problems for me, but if not, I will just try my friend's house next weekend.

    Thanks to anyone who can answer my questions and sorry for asking so many! Stupid Nintendo should had just made the Wii region free. That would solve so many problems. >_>
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    i would just try and use the 4.2 softmod guide.

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    Ok, I think I'll go ahead and use:

    I'll post if I run into any problems since I'm going to attempt an offline installation.
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