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Thread: Is there even a point to getting a modchip?

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    Is there even a point to getting a modchip?

    I use USB Loader GX for all my games, never burn them. And I can update my IOS's with Dop-IOS MOD and my channels with WiiSCU. I really see no point especially with cIOScorp out and working great. Only thing I'm missing is a gamecube USB loader. I don't know if any modchips do this (other than WODE, which I don't like the menu and ISO selector).

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    Modhcips are good as they help certain softmods work better and softmodding is dangerous and extreme fail in some cases *cough*cIOSCORP*cough* but the end choice is down to the user.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Favs View Post
    Lol. I'm pretty good at not bricking my Wii. I make a back up with BootMii once a week anyways so even if I do brick it doesn't matter much. I guess the 6x speed makes it better? I don't know, I never noticed a diffrence between 3x and 6x. And like I said, I only play backups off my HDD so I don't even need cIOScorp.

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    That points system ponders me as well. I have already seen some members that just became members this month already have more points than I do yet have 1 post.
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    yeah me too...

    well anyway back to topic. Modchip could be really useful at times. I was told that if you have a Korean wii and you have modchip with autoboot feature and an indianapwn hack save you may be able to get out of the error 003 and make your wii work again.
    I have a hard modded wii and having a modchip can sometimes be convenient because there a few games out there which you cannot play on usb loaders and playing on the disc channel is much easier (if the game doesn't need the error 002 fix that is).

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    Still waiting for Splinter Cell: Double Agent to work form usb loader, everytime there is a new release for my usb loader, the first thing I try is boot Splinter Cell, which never works. lol.

    I will be the first to post when Splinter Cell works from USB Loader.


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