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Thread: Solderless ModChip

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    Solderless ModChip

    Well, I got this solderless modchip D2CKEY from, and it works all fine and all. Now, its starting to flucutate a little. Like, sometimes, it works, and then, suddenly, it cant read the discs. I just reset it a few times when its not working, and if I'm lucky, it works. It's really random and I'm not sure what I should do about this...

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    Just installed my D2Pro w/ wii Clip and got the same issues. Did you make sure it was pressed down tight?

    Mine is but still seem to get the errors. Even wouldn't play a legit purchased game at times! Can you play legit games?

    I don't know what to make out of this so if you find out anything don't forget to tell everyone

    Remember not to take the wii-clip on and off because it'll ruin the clip.

    what kind of discs are you using?
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    umm, legit games work fine, like the one given with it, Wii Sports. And its some random type of DVD-R I'm susing. It's working now, but it keeps stopping at random times and I jsut want to know what makes it work sometime, and what doesn't. It keeps changing like every hour or so, and im not sure if the thing is jsut loose in there or something.

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    I have always found clips to be really finicky if not installed perfectly the first time.

    I use them as testers at times....

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    I have a D2Ckey with clip and it has been working solid. Never get any disc read errors. But i did pop it in solidly the first time. But yeah like modderman said the clip is very fragile. It easily break connection if not done right the first time. Soldering should be the best solution. I have some warning I would let people know about these next gen gaming consoles (Wii, 360, PS3) as for their tiny processors they will get VERY hot so don't put thm in your tiny cabinet blocking the airflow around it, overheat will damage your console by time especially if it was modified with a chip. LEAVE alot of rooms around your console. If you can leav your console horizontal don't put it vertically. Clean your dvd lens once in awhile (can be done by using those cd/dvd cleaner kit) yahoowizard i recommend you trying this.

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    I'm really not sure what the problem is now, but every time it doesn't work, i just unplug the console and plug it back in, and it starts to work. And, I did reinstall the chip like three times when i first got it because a disc(that was never even working in the first place) wasn't able to be read. And, if I wanted to clean the lens, I have to open the console up, right?

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    you don't have to open it up to clean the lense you will end up damagiing the lense more exposing it to dusty air. Use a CD/DVD clean disc and just let it spin a few time you will get disc read error since wii doesn't read anything. Or use a homebrew that lt u play music cd and use it.

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    Hmm, ok, thanks that helped a lot. I can now make any game work except damn Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Its not a problem with my Wii either since the legit copy on it works. Every Wii game works on the wii as a backup except SSBB. It always says, "Unable to read disc" error, and I even used Verbatim DL+R DVD's. Has anyone had a similar problem or knows a way to fix it?

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    i took apart my wii and put it back together. after i plug it in the light is red and when i push the power button it turns off right away. anyone know why??


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