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    4.0U Question

    I have a virgin 4.0U LU71 Wii. I used Truncha Bug Restorer with success, and then I installed CIOS REV 10. Keep in mind that I could access all the applications on my SD card to install all of this stuff. After I installed REV 10 I cannot get to most of the applications on my SD card. REV 10, USB Loader GX(never did work) wont work now,and some others that I prev used. FCE Ultra and various emulators will work though. Anyways when I try to load the nonworking apps on my sd card it will just freeze on a black screen. I know my SD isnt corrupt because everything will work on my other friends softmodded wii.

    They only thing that really matters is getting USB Loader to work.

    I hope I have been clear. Any help would be appreciated. And post links please if it is not too much trouble.
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    Possibly your problems are due to installing an old cIOS or maybe the download was corrupt as well. Let's try installing a current cIOS and see if that fixes your problem. Please install cIOSrev14:

    As you already installed the Trucha Bug, skip that and just download and use the cIOS38rev14 installer.

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    Tried the above and ran into a couple more probs.

    1. Tried to network install rev 14 (it actually loads off of HBC). After I press A to install the controller shuts off. Ive tried a GC controller but that wont read either.

    2. I was going to try a .wad install of rev 14 but the wad manager pulls the black screen thing.

    Any more suggestions would be appreciated.


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