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Thread: What is a "Trimmed" Wii iso exactly?

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    What is a "Trimmed" Wii iso exactly?

    I am curious about WIIScrubber 1.4
    It has an option to scrub, and an option to trim. I trimmed one iso and it spit out an image that was like 300mb, which is substantially smaller than the 4.37gb that it started as. I understand that lots of the data on a wii image is filler, and can be cut out without issues, but if I trim down my iso's for storage, will they still work fine after being burned to a disc or booted thru usb?

    I scrubbed, trimmed, and trimmed then scrubbed an image before compressing with WinRar at its best compression setting, and after compression it gave me a file larger than just the trimmed iso. What's up with that?

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    I have no idea about the WinRar thing but yes the isos should work like normal.


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