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Thread: Couple of Noob Questions

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    Couple of Noob Questions

    Hi all, i am a complete noob and i have some questions i think you guys can help me out with.

    Tommorow is my brother's birthday and i am thinking about offering him a Wii, but i want to soft mod it, so... here starts my questions:

    -Should i look for any special version of the Wii?
    -Can he play online even if i hack the Wii?
    -What is the hack name/version adviced to me beeing a total noob regarding Wii?

    (i have some mod/hack experience because i always made the console mods alone ( ps1, xbox and PSP ).

    Thank you in advance.

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    try to get a wii second hand or as old as possible. the new ones are chipped to not allow backups from disks. ppl play online all the time it's the cheating you need to stay away from. the guide is in the guides section.

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    1. Currently Any Wii can be softmodded, however the newer ones with D3-2 Boards cannot load backups via DVDR and must use a USB Loader. It is advised to try to get an older wii. Though this really isn't a problem if you plan on using a USB Loader. It is also advised to stay away from the 4.2 update.

    2. You will be able to play backups online. Once he doesn't use cheat codes to cheat online then he will not get banned.

    3. This tutorial is noob friendly and recommended since your wii may be 3.0 to 4.1 firmware

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    Thank tou all for your answers


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