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Thread: New 4.1E WAD -2011 Error

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    New 4.1E WAD -2011 Error

    Recently got a virgin 4.1E Wii. I've installed the Homebrew channel with no problems.

    However, whenever I try to install a WAD file, I get an error -2011. I'm using the v1.5 of WadManager which I've used on other Wii's with any issue. I've even tried using Waninkoko's firmware updates 4.2, but after downloading the WAD's and starts the installation of the first IOS, it returns the same -2011 error.

    I'm speculating this is something to do with the fact that the virgin 4.1E firmware on there is preventing the loading of the WAD's, but I'm not sure how to get around this if you can't load/install a WAD.

    Any help appreciated.

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    -2011 means you have no vulnerable IOS or cIOS. Follow this tutorial:

    By the time you finished, you would have a cIOS allowing you to play backups and install WADs. Also you shouldn't bother going to 4.2, its the same as 4.1 just with more anti-piracy measures.

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