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Thread: wii remote wont sync

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    wii remote wont sync

    did the soft mod on my sisters wii synced it with my remote .

    but now it wont let me sync with any remote.

    so when i boot the wii up it just stays on the pri loader page and nothing else cant get it or any remote to do anything

    please can any one help much appri

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    wiimotes are a pain when they loose their sync and it happens to ppl all the time, but i'm not sure what we could tell you any different than you will find on nintendo's website about syncing it.

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    very lucky for me touch wood, her origanal wii remote was still in sync so i took the homebrew channel off and then re-installed the hbc again and now all the remotes can be synced now thank god ,

    i was having twitchy bum time it was my 1st attempt at softmoddong my sisters wii so i thought i had broke it..

    i hope this might also help others

    merry xmas


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