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Thread: Wiiconnect24?

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    So I have a Wii that is on the 3.4E system menu. I used a wad installer to get three wads. I know it installed some cIOS's but i can't remember which ones

    My question to you is will it be safe to put Wiiconnect24 back on? I can still play games online such as Mario Kart. I would like to use my forecast channel again along with other stuff.

    Thanks for your help.

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    Is your Wii softmodded with one of the guides on this forum? I know most will tell you that Wiiconnect24 needs to be turned off during the softmod and can be turned back on later after you've finished.

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    No i installed homebrew through the twilight hack from the wiibrew website a while ago. I did have wiiconnect24 on for a while after i installed it but turned it off, but now that i have three wads installed illegaly through wad installer would ninty check my console and brick it if i turned wiiconnect2 back on?


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    omg no. Nintendo cant even tell what you have done to your console unless you send it to them the way it is. You are perfectly fine turning it back on. I would though turn off the standy connection as this will heat up the console when you turn it off.
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    Well it seems I won't be able to turn it back on without updating to i'm guessing 4.2. I don't really bother with homebrew anymore so I don't care if it gets deleted. The only problem is that I have cIOS installed (I'm not sure which ones) and have three wads installed through wadmanager. Would my Wii brick if I updated to 4.2


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    update: Well I updated to 4.2. It deleted Bootmii but has kept the homebrew channel on there. I haven't tried using any apps yet and don't really intend to just incase.

    This was just a heads up for people that are interested.


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