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Thread: Please help!!!

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    Please help!!!

    AS a complete newbie i could do with help!!!!
    Modding my only second wii ,for a friend, I've come across a problem.
    I modded a wii 4.2e using the guide given by "Ade's softmodding Wii Blog" and everything went fine and it could play backup dvdrs.
    Anyway,he's tried to play a game online and updated his wii and now he can't play backups or regular games.

    Sorry for being a complete noob!!!!


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    first of all, never let the wii do any updates. not understanding how it changed anything if it was already at 4.2 but we have a guide to softmod the 4.2 in our guides section. it is alot harder to help you when you use othe ppls guides and come here to ask about it. be sure to double check the system menu version and if nintendo undid the softmod, use our guide.

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    Your friend bricked his wii. There are many helpful guides in this forum for wii bricks. First step you and your friend need to do is figure out what type of brick you have so you can find the right help to fix it.


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