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Thread: Wii bricked-black screen

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    Wii bricked-black screen

    my wii system is pal and i use d2ckey modchip
    today, i want to update firmware from 3.3e () to 4.1
    I've searched and tried as many instructions and finally i follow this guide

    to 4:17 i install system menu 4.0 pal.wad and then I mistakenly install system menu 4.1 pal.wad, but soon after i uninstall it (4.1 pal.wad) and back to homebrew chanel.
    on-screen message pops up that I want to update homebrew ? (as always)
    i want cancel it and try to click button cancel but wii remote is not collected with the wii (it's just blinking lights) . I turn-off and turn-on it
    bootmii start but when I click restart button but only has black-screen, wii remote doesn't sync to wii

    Can you help me ?
    I have read some posts in this forum, but not sure that it will be good for me

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    You'll need a gc-controller
    Donwload and extract to the root of a formated sd-card
    Download and extract to sd:\wads
    Download System Menu 4.1e, save to sd:\wads
    Boot wii with sd-card in place
    Wadmanager should load, use ios249, nand emulation disabled, load SD
    Install ios60patched
    Install system menu 4.1e
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    thanks you
    I will try :X

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    Quote Originally Posted by dante666 View Post
    thanks you
    I will try :X
    ask whoever wrote the guide? nothing to do with us, apart form losers using crappy tutorials/guides and expecting wiihacks to fix their mistakes.

    There is a 4.1 updating tutorial on wiihacks.

    There is also a lot of information about bricked wii's.


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