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Thread: Help with a 4.2 Wii

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    Help with a 4.2 Wii

    Hello Everyone..

    I tried to softmod a 4.2e Wii...
    I used the 4.2 tutorial on this board..
    Everything works well and I have installed Neogamma 7 and cios rev 14 but when I want to play a game it says; read error 1101..
    I tried the games in other Wii's and they all worked in those ones..
    So I dont think it really is a problem with the disc itself (I use Verbatim and Maxell DVD-R by the way).

    Is there anyone that could help me?

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    From the error index thread:

    1048 & 1101:
    DVD Read Error Bad burn/media or incorrect cios/neogamma version. If you are laready using Verbatim DVD-r burned at 4x, try switching to neogammar6 and cios36rev10. Also this error will persist on newer wiis, meaning that they have the new D2-3 chip which cannot read backups at all. Only option for them is USB loading.

    Looks like the 4.2 wii has the new d3-2 chip which completely blocks out burnt game playing

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    Is there already a way to block that ?
    Or can I forget it for the rest of my life..


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    Assuming you do have a D3-2 chip in your wii, dvd backup loading will not work at all through the wii disc drive, getting a workking USB HDD is an option if you want to play backups

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    As Devillist says USB loading is only way to go. Plus it is far much better anyway.
    Unless you want to wait until someone finds a new hack for the new drive.


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