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Thread: Disc Could Not Be Read

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    Disc Could Not Be Read

    Hey guys,

    I'm having a big problem. And wanted to get some advise on if its the laser or the discs that are the problem.

    I have a launch Wii, and I can play backups. But after a few hours of playtime my game stops and it say's "Disc Could Not Be Read". So I eject the game, and put it back in...and the game picks right up and plays as normal. Then I start getting random "Disc could not be read"...having to reinsert the game every time.

    Now I burn my discs on Memorex DVD+R DL (dual layers) w/ booktype set to DVD-ROM. Burn at 4x. Dual Layers are all I have at the moment.

    This has happened with Punchout! and Silent Hill Shattered Memories both are burned games.

    Does this mean my laser is on its way out, or could it be a DL/+R/Disc problem. I haven't played any legit games long enough to find out if it happens on normal games though.

    NOTE: All of my burnt Wii DL games do not fill up the whole disc. It's just a small circle in the middle of the disc...should it be like that?
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    hmm why don't you try dvd-r? and it doesn't seem like they need to be dual layer disks.


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