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Thread: massive cockup I think!!

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    Unhappy massive cockup I think!!

    Ummm... I lost my marbles and didnt look at the serial number of a mates console, I tried to chip it with a D2Pro chip and its a D2B chip!!
    Now, even though Ive removed the chip, I cant get the remotes working, the machine boots up as normal and when it says Press 'A' at the boot up stage the remotes dont work with it, then after say 1 min the menu appears with the name of the correct disk inserted but it still wont see the remotes. They work fine if I plug them into another console though... have I cocked this unit up big time or what?????? I have a feeling he's gonna kill me!!

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    Looking at the modchip chart it does say that you can put a d2pro9 on a d2b is that what you had?

    Anyway check the soldering points again to see if any visible damage was done.

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    No its a D2Pro15 but I used a Wii Clip

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    dumb i know but someone else has the problem last your wiimotes

    Side note about the chip.........

    The D2Pro9 has support for D2B now if you have the latest modchip firmware on it. However I don't know if the same firmware works on the D2Pro's let alone using a Wii-Clip as well. May be different routing needed.

    Check out the makers website at the diagrams.

    *Update* Looking at the diagram.........
    I don't think the D2Pro15 works on D2B, Only the new D2Pro9 does (from this company that is).
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    As stated above....First try to re-sync the wiimotes.....If that doesn't work then power down the wii, unplug the sensor bar from the wii plug it back in then power up again....let us know how you make out....

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    when all else fails with the remote...and I have done this many times....

    do as smokin87lx said....but also remove the batteries and put them back in ( default resets the Wiimotes.

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    Spot On!!...I love this site!!
    Many thanks to all those who chipped in with advice... woohoo! I re-sync'd the remotes...Duh!
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