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Thread: Help need with bca editor for flatmod V2

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    Help need with bca editor for flatmod V2

    I got the new flatmod V2. witch can patch the NSMB iso so it will work without homebrew
    I loaded the iso (bahmud version) into the editor and saved (didn't use remove because that did't work at all)
    When I put the disk in my wii I can see the mario logo in the disk channel and it wil go as far as the next screen but then I get a black screen. is there something that I do wrong?
    I use verbatim -dvd 2x speed with imageburn

    Any help would be apreciated

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    I can confirm that it works! You have to have older version than 3.2 I learned after 2 days....after updating with wii sport resort it works great!!


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