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Thread: Getting banned on wifi

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    Getting banned on wifi it possible? for hacking ofcourse. i've seen people complain about being banned online for ones, but my question is how does nintendo ban you? does it DETECT you have a modified wii, or that you have some kind of hacking program on; or simply, that you were being a moron and had some kind of time trial record finished in .00001 seconds?

    i was just curious about this because i have "hacks" on my wii to play games like brawl, where I would just have character textures and junk like that. I just wanted to know since i wouldnt wanna accidently go on wifi and suddenly get banned cuz of my own stupidity.

    so in short, how do you get banned from wifi? i know, its a weird question to ask...

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    Yeah it's possible, I forget the error code you get when your console is banned. It's not nearly as common as 360 bans are, but it happens. I wish they would crack down harder on the mario kart hackers, to be honest.

    For brawl your hacks are generally fine. Texture hacks only apply on your console. Even if you're a brawl+ user, the modifications are cancelled if you're playing against someone without the same setup.
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