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Thread: External HDD

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    External HDD


    I am looking at getting an External HDD for my new Black Wii that is en-route as we speak. Of course, getting Homebrew on my Wii is my #1 priority so that I can unlock the Wii's full potential.

    Since the Black is renowned for having the most up-to-date chipset on the drive, it has been advised to me that HDD/USB loading will be my best bet. In the long run I am sure this will be more financially viable when the one drive will house many games, compared to the disks/inck/cases/paper to produce the same number of backups on disk (of games I own of course).

    Picking the right drive is obviously important too. I have seen the list on and seen that the Transcend 320GB StoreJet has been proven to work well. Will this also cound for the 250GB version??

    Although the 320GB may have more bang for buck, the 250GB is more suitble for the level of use I imagine the Wii will be getting. Even with the lost of 7.6% of the label value of the HDD I would still be able to store 49 backup games providing they are all 4.7GB (Which very few Wii games actually use anyway) to 250GB will be fine.

    So, if the 320GB is on the list, will the 250GB work just as well??

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    Seeing as I'm currently using a 4GB USB (as noted in my sig) and backing up a lot more ISO's on my 320GB HD laptop, you should be fine. On my 4G USB, I have:

    The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess [PAL]
    New Super Mario Bros. Wii [PAL]
    Mario Strikers Charged Football [PAL]
    Super Paper Mario [PAL]

    They're all varying sizes, but if those four titles fit in just 3.71GB of space, then you will be fine. Plus the smaller ones tend to be more reliable as there's less chance of partitions screwing up or something, I'm unfamiliar with HDD's (getting one for Christmas though). So you should be fine : ) But congrats for the Black Wii : ) I got mine last year but it's plastered with Super Mario Galaxy stickers : ) One of 6 Wii Games I bothered to buy before I found this site lol
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