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Thread: forwarder channel, wad, homebrew apps

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    forwarder channel, wad, homebrew apps


    Just bought a Wii one week ago and thanks to this forum I managed to softmod it without any problem! Now I'm overwhelmed with all those new terms. Some of it I already understand... some of it I don't

    I managed to get great homebrew apps working like ftpii, FCE Ultra GX, Snew9X GX and WiiEarth. Some of them I would like to have as a channel when I start up my Wii. Somehow it feels more safe to do it this way in stead of letting my girlfriend enter the homebrew channel and let her mess up some cIOS

    So here I am... Starting to get confused
    If I understand correct, you can use a forwarder channel to start up the homebrew app right from the channels list. When I look for these at the internet, I find these WAD files that let me install a channel. Question: are those WAD files "all-in-ones"? It looks like there not forwarding to my own installed homebrew apps as I see it's sometimes a different (older) version. So what's the difference between a WAD file (installing a channel) and setting up a forwarder channel?

    Thanks for all the help!

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    The difference is that a full wad channel installs the application directly to the internal NAND memory on your Wii, whereas a forwarder installs a much smaller package which points to the application on your sd card.

    Here's a glossary page with many commonly used terms:

    and here's a page with nice forwarders for different apps, including a couple you mentioned: TroyTheZombie's Animated Channel Wads -
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    thanks for your help!

    I think I get the picture now... You have all-in-one WAD's that include the app and forwader WAD's that point to the correct folder! Isn't it stupid to use the all-in-ones? With a forwarder it's peace of cake to update the app when a new version is available.

    Only one problem at this time... mediafire seems to be down so I can't download any forwarders

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    Yeah you got it. It's preference really, some people like to not have their sd card in the wii. If they have little kids they don't want messing with homebrew apps and accidently deleting stuff, they can install the full channel and not worry about it.

    Give it another try, mediafire seems to be working fine for me.
    "I think that the Wii is a beautiful piece of hardware, and a broken Wii is a tragedy. It doesn’t matter why or how." -- Bushing

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    question answered, thread closed.


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