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Thread: iternet connection

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    iternet connection

    pulling my hair out and so lost
    kids wiped neogamma and homebrew and games
    have wireless broadband and cant get wi to connect
    keeps comming up 51330
    went to support and not sure what all that means
    tried the "cmd" and that gave me nothing
    is there any easier way to get backup launcher and hbc back
    really confused and a dummy

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    Just to try help with error code, it is to do with your wireless router settings, a couple of ways to fix it according to some google searching are:

    1.setting your router to 'mixed' mode
    2.change the channel of your router to 1 or 11
    3.some say a simpe router reset was enough to fix

    other possible solutions:

    1.some routers require you to 'allow' new devices before they work
    2.make sure the mac address is valid and correct

    I don't personally use wireless to know if these work for sure but giving them a try cant hurt


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