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Thread: Can I access the wii shop channel with 4.1u?

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    Can I access the wii shop channel with 4.1u?

    I soft modded my Wii the other day and I want to check out the Wii shop, so I can get wii internet channel. When I go to the wii shop it says the wii shop channel needs to update go to system settings to do this. Is this asking to update to 4.2? or is it just asking me to update the wii shop channel? I know I am not supposed to update to 4.2, because I will lose my homebrew channel, will this cause me to updae to 4.2?

    Edit: While browsing the forum and some dumb luck I found this(i tried searching for my problem but couldn't find it) so here it is if anyone else has the same problem. I haven't tried it yet, still researching it, but I think this is the best answer.
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