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Thread: Controller not connecting

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    Controller not connecting

    Hello everyone,

    I really need help from someone. I made the mistake of running a PAL version of the new Super Mario Brothers and did the update. Since then my wii was semi-bricked (couldn't access wii settings or use anything online). I tried to use the hackmii installer v0.6 and update to which I think was 4.2.

    I also have a wasabi DX mod chip installed with the latest firmware.

    Since then I cannot connect my wii controller. Even with a gamecube controller I cannot get passed the initial screen where you need to press A to continue. If I let it sit and it goes into the main menu of the Wii neither the remote (with motion/nunchuk detatched from it) not the gamecube controller function.

    Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I'm going to fix this????

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    It could just be that all the changing around has put your remote out of sync with the console:

    | Nintendo - Customer Service | Wii - Set Up of the Wii Remote

    Happens to me sometimes for seemingly no reason, just go to the part on that page about syncing the remote

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