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Thread: Can you softmod over a modchip or does the modchip have to be removed?

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    Can you softmod over a modchip or does the modchip have to be removed?

    I've read and I've read and I've read... and now I'm stuck.

    I have a hard modded, secondhand Wii bought from ebay, in February, with many burnt games, but only seven are played, as it's used mainly by my young son. I had no idea what modding was or that the console was modded. The guy that sold it to me was a bit of a 'Flash Harry' about it: as he couldn't really state what it was on ebay and was a bit spivvy about revealing the details of the item. I just got the impression it was because he was throwing in copies of games. All seemed fine until....

    ....I treated myself to a brand new Wii Fit Plus game, and board, and guess what... it wants to update! I had enough sense to stop when the warning came up about '"unauthorised modifications" making the console "inoperable". I contacted the seller and that's when I found out it was modchipped. I have no idea what the chip inside the wii is, how old the wii is or what it's current status wrt update is (neither does he, though I suspect it's because he wants me off his back!). All he could tell me was that the games he had burned were all of PAL origin, like my console, and that he himself had bought it modchipped. The most recent games he seemed to have burned are Mario Kart, Mario Galaxy and Super Smash Bros Brawl (which only plays part of the intro before it freezes and stops), if that can help anyone figure out what it's update status is. I am guessing 3.2 from having read stuff here.

    I just don't want to mess the console up and lose the ability to play the games that came with it... and I don't want to have to sell, or send back, the Wii Fit Plus. My PCWorld Man said to remove the modchip and soft mod the system, but having read round I haven't seen anyone advise that. I assumed a softmod could work with the modchip still in. Too frightened to open up the console, but will if I have to.

    Can I softmod over the top of the modchip or does the chip have to be removed first? Will the burnt games I already have, still play?

    Can I get round the problem by attempting to burn the new Wii Fit Plus but using software that can remove the update function (<---that's really wish fulfillment at work, isn't it?!)?

    The tutorials here are fantastic and I feel confident enough to softmod the console but not remove the chip... unless someone here tells me how it easy it will be...

    My only feeling of consolation is that the console is an older model that doesn't come with the later binds that cause problems for soft modders of later machines.

    I really hope that someone can help me. I feel like I have read myself into a corner trying to find answers.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Softmod + Hardmod goes very well together.

    And you should really keep your posts to a smaller nature. No one wants to read through a page of text.

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    Thanks (for letting me know I can softmod over the top of the chip) and sorry (for long explanation and more questions that follow.)

    And getting round the update to play the Wii Fit Plus? How much of what I don't know, do I need to know: ie do I need to be aware of what version update I have? Or the modchip type? Can I just go straight through one of the tutorials without running into a problem based on my lack of info, or is there a diagnostic I can run first that will tell me where the console is at so that I can proceed from there? Can I just burn a copy of the new game and scrub the update request?

    With what's already on there for the games that have been played, will that all wipe or once I've got the Homebrew etc up and running, will I be able to back that all up?

    Sorry, more questions, I know.
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    Just follow the appropriate guide for your system menu as anything you install [IOS wise] will just overwrite what may already be on there without a problem. You can then have preloader/priiloader set to "skip disc update" so you never have to worry about a disc trying to update your console.

    Also if you run into any problems while attempting the mod, please don't try and skip a step. Try a search on your problem to see if it's already been answerted, and if it hasn't....come back here and ask the question. Someone will be around to help.


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