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Thread: can you answer this easy question PLEASE

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    can you answer this easy question PLEASE

    sorry im new here and to the wii scene but i have a virgin wii version 4.0u and i was wondering does th u mean anything is my wii a 4.0 an can it be downgraded to 3.3 or 3.2u if thats the same thing is it? thank you

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    Why downgrade? Why not just use the guide by dogeggs in my signature and go to 4.1 and install preloader?
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    Yea there is no reason to downgrade. Plus you most likely have a boot2v4 which makes it impossible to downgrade, you will brick if you try. Just use the guide to upgrade to 4.1 as junkmailturds stated.

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    What ever you read about 3.2 being the best firmware is old information, ever since the release of 4.0/4.1, 3.2 is not the best firmware to be on. 4.1 has more to offer over 3.2, and 3.3 (what are you thinking) has never been the choice firmware. So, you are best off staying at your current firmware or upgrading to 4.1. And the U, E, J, and what ever else letters there are is refering to the region of your Wii (USA, Europe, Japan).


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