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Thread: Back-up launcher error (please help)

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    Question Back-up launcher error (please help)

    Hey, my friend just copied me a version of the new super mario bros using imgburn at 2x, and it wont load on my wii. We tested it out on his wii and it worked perfectly. The problem is that when it tries to load, it gets stuck on the Green screen that flashes showing that it is loading.

    Does my wii need different IOS (i have rev10) or is there a simple fix that i could do?

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    rev14 is the best that's out and it's in my signature. Also check out the guide on this game by davepm if you have further problems.

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    I see a thread lock in the future.

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    HAHA. If it were in my power it would have been 2 posts ago.

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    ok cool, and i used the link with the rev14 installer, and i tried to install the wad and its giving me a ret -1 error

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    Check out the error index link in my signature.

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    hey, i know i message you guys a lot but its because i trust that you will give me good advice whenever something goes wrong or im struggling with things, i appreciate what you do and im glad that you help me

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