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Thread: Do all the wii games work when i softmod my wii

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    Do all the wii games work when i softmod my wii

    Hi Im doing the tutorial from dogeggs.
    Will all backup games work after i do this?

    why are there the optional steps?
    i know they are optional but should i do them?

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    optional as in not necessary to achieve the result of playing backups. i would consider preloader though good protection. so far most games work effortlessly after the softmod. there are a few that need extra steps but we have guides for those. and as far as games in the future, we dont know yet, but it will get sorted out.

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    If a game doesn't work for you for some reason [ie black screen], you may want to check to see what IOS the game uses. There is a link in my sig for "IOSs Games Use". Then use NUSD to donwload the IOS, then install the IOS with wad manager.


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