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Thread: should i update?

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    should i update?

    alright so its been a while since ive jumped on here, and i appreciate anyone who helps and has help in anyway. so i believe im running 3.2e softmod and my wife has been asking abuot some of the newer games like new super mario and so fourth which i cant play on old firmware that im aware of. So i got some tuts on on to upgrade now the ? i have is how far up should i update to if posiible without running into problems, sorry if not making sense as im no expert on this but can pick things up. thanks again for any help

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    Games do not depend on on full updates to run, what they depend on the IOSs on your system. If a game is giving you a black screen when you try to start it, then it means you have a missing/outdated IOS. Just find which IOS the game needs and install it by using this:

    As for New Super Mario Bros. Wii, its a tricky one. You'll need to install if you haven't:
    1) cIOS38-rev14
    2) IOS53
    3) Neogamma R7 or R8 Loader
    4)A Patched Version of the game. There are prepatched versions out, or you could patch it yourself using this:


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