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Thread: Im stumped!

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    Im stumped!

    Hey guys, I've kind of run into a dilemma and I need your help. I have softmodded my wii with no problems. Itís running on 4.1u and plays DVD backups and usb loader gx like a dream. I havenít run into a game yet that I canít get to work. The problem lies with my buddyís wii Iíve softmodded. I have followed the same setup as my own; in fact itís identical to my setup. The problem is that it wonít play any backup DVD but paper Mario and Iíve checked at least a dozen times, everything is installed correctly. He purchased his wii back in 2007 and Iím 99% sure itís a GC2-D2C (v1) so it should be able to read DVD-r. It does however play all my backups I have on my external hard drive; he just canít afford to purchase one right now so Iím giving him all my old backup discs. NeoGamma R8 beta 7 throws up disk read error (1053). Now the only thing that I have come up with is the DVDs themselves. I have always used Memorex DVDs and DVD rw for my backups. Now from what I have read on other threads, these donít work, but yet I have never had a problem with my wii reading them. Do you think I just got lucky with my wii being able to read them? The strangest thing is, like I said earlier, his wii will play Paper Mario on a Memorex DVD but nothing else. Does anyone have thoughts on what the problem could be?

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    Sure, hardware is always different. He might have a chipset that just doesn't like certain burnt games. A Wii is like a computer. You can have identical setups and something will go wrong all the time on one, but not the other. What i would suggest trying is get some good media [verbatim ritek] and trying to burn another game, see if you run into the same problem.

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    yep like s0ur said a different drive can mean alot. s0ur has stated several times he cannot use anything except verbatim disks. i on the other hand use whatever is on sale and never had issue. we both know what we are doing very well but our wiis are different. also, and i know i sound like a broken record, at least 50% of the disk drives from computers and video game consoles i have fixed, were simply dust built up on the lens. they fail in all different ways.


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