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Thread: I am trying to softmod my 3.4U wii but I have a problem.

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    I am trying to softmod my 3.4U wii but I have a problem.

    I get the Installing system menu 4.1u wait installing title error ret=-1036. I thought it might be a memory issue so I manually deleted all the saved games stuff leaving over 2000 blocks free but I get the same problem. I did not install the ios60 patched first before I tried the 4.1 upgrade which failed. I get an error -2011 when I try to install the ios60 patched wad. I am stumped as to what to do. Any help would be greatly appreciated. This wii also has a Argon chip in it if that matters. TIA.

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    First install a cIOS by following this tutorial:

    After you do that, install IOS60patched with WAD Manager using the default settings. Restart and ensure that your wifi is connected and run Waninkoko's Firmware Updater.


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