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Thread: Copying Games from Wii (v4.2U) to an external Hard Drive Help??

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    Copying Games from Wii (v4.2U) to an external Hard Drive Help??

    Ok, I have read countless threads trying to figure out this mod issue and everyone of them have failed miserably! I'm not a Noob based on all of the threads i have read and things I have tried so I do understand all of the programs and terminology when it comes to trying a soft mod. However, here is my issue:

    I bought a new wii about 2 months ago (Oct 2009) so I'm pretty darn sure i have the new 3d chip and my latest version is 4.2U. I have yet to find the right combination to where my system can read burnt disc and also how to properly install either coverfload or wii backer so that i can copy games from my wii directly to the hard drive. I have not found a good thread yet to help from step 1 on how to prepare the external hard drive to be used through the USB port and then what or how to install the proper software through Home Brew in order to copy the games.

    So if you have this completely figured out and have done it yourself with the same conditions, please help and you can treat me like a noob I don't care, I just want to get some sleep and stop staying up at night trying to figure this out. Thanks!!!!!

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    I am having the same issue
    i can get it to do the dump via wifi
    but cannot get the wii to dump to HDD
    I have the HDD formatted to FAT32
    got split leval to 7gig
    but i insert the disc
    and when it says to insert the HDD
    I get an Error and cannot do anything but take the power out

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    This tutorial covers how to use USB Hdd's

    Scroll down to the section - Rip Game Directly from Disc to Wii HDD - ( there's a picture of Wario Land)

    Note - the HDD must have a partition formatted with the WBFS Manager for the Wii to recognize the data - A FAT32 partition is what you use to substitute the SD Card

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    Thanks for the information

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    You're welcome, just click the thanks icon in the bottom right corner of any post that you find helpful. It prevents clutter on the forum pages.


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