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Thread: wii 4.0e without internet connection softmod

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    wii 4.0e without internet connection softmod

    I have a wii with 4.0e firmware and no internet connection on wii. I want to do the softmod tutorial, but an internet connection seems needed. Is this also necessary with the 4.0e firmware. Do I have to upgrade to 4.1e?

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    u dont need to update but im not sure bout the internet. I dont think you rly need it.

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    Internet is only needed for the update part. It was added to the tutorial because people were failing to complete because they got to that stage and then couldn't install 4.1.

    You'll be fine on 4.0.
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    Virgin 4.1 softmodding without a internet connection

    I have a Virgin 4.1 Are there any issues (special instructions) with softmodding without a internet connection (I have dail-up)
    What step shoud I follow (I understand not to downgrade)

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    Thread Hijacking is no bueno, just follow the 3.1 4.1 guide and you'll be fine. As stated by Tealc, internet is ONLY needed for the upgrade, as your already on 4.1, there is no need for you to upgrade.


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