I've done a few searches and haven't come up with a definitive answer so please don't flame me (i'm new... don't know what to do)

So... softmodded my 4.2 using the guide and it was easy and seemless. Now i use a usb hard drive enclosure with an IDE drive in it. NeoGamma 7 installed works with all the games i have on it. Loads them fine, plays great. No problems there.

But i'm greedy and would like to have a nice visual interface, mainly for the wife to pick up and use with ease. I loaded USB Loader gx and it runs but when loading a game will either stack dump or go right back to the main menu... (i already have the 002fix enabled)

Tried running configurable usb loader..... just stack dumps...

I know there isn't a whole lot of problem resolution in my explanation but that's about all i know about it. Anyone have any suggestions to getting the better gui loaders to run?