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Thread: BootMii will not restore

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    BootMii will not restore

    I am trying to restore my nand with BootMii and it gives the error message that says the files are corrupt ..... press A+B+X+Y to continue anyway. I would like to try and continue because I believe my nand is good but don't know how to get it to load without the gamecube controller. Is there any way around this problem? I am on a 4.2U, have HBC loaded and had to load BootMii as an IOS. I have the Launch BootMii option on the HBC menu and can choose it. I go into settings and choose the restore option. Now I am in a loop - cannot get by this message. I want to return and start over because I cannot get NeoGamma to work. Gives me an error saying it cannot read the DVD but the DVD works on a different modded Wii. And I would like to have a backup restore process that works for future peace of mind. Thanks.

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    Restoring a NAND on Bootmii/IOS is a first class ticket on the train to bricksville. All aboard!

    Seriously don't do it, unless you have the value of one Wii in disposable cash that you don't mind spending of course.

    Do you get an error message when you try running the Disc? How old is your Wii? What System Menu are you running? Do Retail games work ok through Neogamma?
    Not really doing much Wii stuff these days.

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    Unfortunately since my last post things have further deteriorated - down the tubes!! I now only get a black screen when I power up the Wii. Nothing else. Nothing I have tried so far works. The Wii is brand new. So at this point I think I am SOL - and broke!! #@$%#

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