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Thread: Questions about being on 4.0E

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    Questions about being on 4.0E

    Hello hello, the weekend is here and I hope everybody's feeling good.

    Now... I can't install preloader/bootmii (the brick rescuer) on boot2. Is this because of the hardware or the software? Could I downgrade to be able to install things on boot2?

    And another one, would there be any benefits of upgrading 4.0->4.1 ?

    Thanks people

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    Yes thanks. Feeling pretty good.

    Bootmii/Boot2 takes advantage of a hardware vunerability, so if you have a newer Wii (less than 18 months) then you won't ever be able to get boot2 without a motherboard change. Preloader is good though, you can't mess around with themes and your System Menu so readily but it wills ave you from banner bricks which is nice.

    Very little point going from 4.0>4.1, except perhaps to minimise the risk of a semi-brick by using an out of region disc at some point. I'm at 4.0 and won't be changing until there's some point beyond a fix for the WM+ video.

    Not really doing much Wii stuff these days.


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