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    themes help

    hey guys. i noticed from the site i go on that for themes you can only get them on 3.2 or 4.0 from what i see.. i have 3.3u, is their any way to get themes?? i think i posted this same thing but i could not find it under my posts, so im guessing i never posted is thoroughly. i i did though im very sorry for the double.

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    Only consider themes if you have a working bootmii/boot2 install as installing silly themes is one of the easiest ways to brick Wiis, as it replaces the normal System menu with a modified one.

    If you do have bootmii/boot2 and a working backup then bring your System menu to version up to date for the themes. Simple.
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    thanks tealc
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    Body any theme from the side you go to will work with 3.3 I know because I have 3.3

    You will need MY MENU TO CREATE CSM FILE FOR YOUR SYSTEM get nus downloader to get your system aplication or let me know if u can't get it I will try to help you...

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