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Thread: NSMB and virgin Wii

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    NSMB and virgin Wii

    So I'm getting ane Wii, and a retail NSMB for Christmas. My question is, if the Wii is not already at 4.1, should I go ahead and let NSMB update to 4.1 before doing any mods? To me this sounds like a better option than using one of thr unifficial updates here, or is it? Thanks, and sorry for the newbish question but I couldn't find any info about this particular situation with a new untouched wii.

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    Yes do it, easier that way. You may already be at 4.2 though when you buy one.
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    Thanks for the quick reply! The Wii has already been purchaed is an LU66 so I'm hoping for the best when I get to open it!


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