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Thread: Need Wiikey Help

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    Need Wiikey Help

    I have a PAL wii (bought in europe), i downloaded mario tennis and im getting new super mario bros. also. For mario tennis, the game asks for a update in wii system and im afraid to do so. Can anyone help me? I dont know the version of my wiikey (sorry).


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    the game disc will only update ur Wii console, NOT the wiikey !

    u should only consider to accept the Update as prompted by a disc of same region (i.e. PAL, in ur case). otherwise, semibrick would be resulted.

    if ur downloaded Mario Tennis and NSMBro are of Pal region, ok to update as is.

    old version wiikey may cause u read error and non-playable, but unlikey honor u a brick. relax,...easy....


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