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Thread: The LAST Wiikey Update & Config Discs ~Download here~

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    Arrow The LAST Wiikey Update & Config Discs ~Download here~

    These files are just for the original wiikey NOT the wiikey2

    Wiikey Update & Config Discs-

    Use at own risk

    Download, Extract and Burn to DVD
    FIXED..march 18/09

    Config Disc Images

    Padded version of 1.9s BootUSA
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    Why i canot see the links

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    links dont work

    i've tried your links but cant seem to get them to work
    any ideas?

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    Can I have more information regarding these files? Like, what will they do?

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    Yes, please provide a bit more information on the files. I am not sure if my wiikey 2 needs them, or in what way the updates would be beneficial. Thanks in advance!

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    those files are for the original wiiikey udpates, not the new wiikey2.

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    Is there any other sites to download wiikey 2 config files other than ? is down.

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    Can't find 1.9

    Hello, There is no one online file sharing firmware update 1.9. Anyone got any other links to this file?


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    Hi. So now i have 1.9s for Pal. What do i do?

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