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Thread: How to update to 4.1 now?

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    Smile How to update to 4.1 now?


    I followed this tutorial a while back and it went perfectly.

    I now have installed Homebrew, Neogamma R8B15 and CIOScrop 3.5.

    During the tutorial it said at one point that I can upgrade to 4.1 system menu, however I decided not to.

    I now though want to upgrade the system menu to 4.1 using the program in the tutorial, how would I go about doing this now when I have all of this installed. Do I have to remvoe anything first?

    Many Thanks


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    I would use that same guide and make sure that you have loaded the patched IOS60 (VERY IMPORTANT) then you can continue with the upgrade... and then make sure that you load the other IOS's that are mentioned toward the end of the tutorial...

    (install at your own risk)

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    If i were to install this over 4.0, would all the channels and saves still be there?

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    Yes they would. Not much point in updating to 4.1 from 4.0 though. The only fix was to do with the Motion Plus accessory video.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tealc View Post
    The only fix was to do with the Motion Plus accessory video.

    This is what I wanted it for. I just wanted to be sure all my channels wouls be ok if I installed though .wad because i bought wall but one channel. Thank you.


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