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Thread: Dumb Newbie Question?

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    Dumb Newbie Question?

    Just got used wii and its at menu 3.1u read that dont want to update the menu. Its not connected to internet yet and i havent modded it yet. but i wanted to check it out. so i put NTSC game not back up reg game and after launching from disc channel it said the game was updating my sytem. I immediately shut it down. Then i wondered what it was updating just the ios that were old or would it also be updating my menu? I know this is a question that everyone but me know the answer to but if some one would clue me in i would apprecitate it. I need to know if its safe to let the game update or will it screw up my 3.1 menu.

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    well updating through nintendo, either through disk or otherwise, is usually not a good idea. however i doubt a disk update from version 3.1 is gonna do much harm, but good to avoid. you will probably want to update to 4.1, following the directions in the tutorial. but wait until you have the internet connection set-up to do this as it is required.

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    Never shut off your wii during an update. The newest update on a disc is 4.1 on the nsmb game. Its safe to go up to 4.1 but soon 4.2 will hit discs.


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