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Thread: One Piece unlimited Adventure undub team

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    One Piece unlimited Adventure undub team

    Hi guys, I'm new to the forums and I've started a little project. I want to undub the wii video game "One Piece Unlimited Adventure" but I have so far been unable to do so. For this to work I need someone who is skilled with partition builder, iso's, the wii in general, and wii scrubber. If this is something that you'd be interested in, please e-mail me at to apply.

    Info about current progress:

    Here is the things I have already accomplished:

    I have the iso for both the ntsc and ntsc-j version of the game.

    I have extracted the entire sound and movie folders for the Japanese version of the game.

    I have attempted to rebuild the partition by replacing the sound and movie folders and the creating the partition in partitionbuilder, but this does not appear to work for me since when I replace it with the original partition the game locks up when I load it in usbloader gx.

    So again, if you would like to help me undub this game contact me and I would be glad to see what you can do. This game deserves to be played with the original voices.

    Edit: Here's the current build of the hack.

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