im running it via the Buzbee Wii AR loader.
he had alot of good pre-programed codes but i got it for (yea go ahead and flame me for it) Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess and SSBM 's infamous debug code. but nither of them are in his list and there sGigantic Long arse lines of code for some codes for Twilight Princxess (like Clothing change etc.) thats a good 32lines+ long @_@

is there any Easy way of updating the codes? and an semi unrelated question. is it better to use those Mini DVD-R's you see in stores for camcorders to burn GC games to? from when i tried playing SSBB via Full DVD9. the one Wii's DVD Drive has actually Deteriorated.

now upon loading a DVD sized Disc it "Swallows" the disc then a loud clicking upon GC games burnt to full DVD-R, DVD Video its too choppy in Mplayer CE Wii Games lag in loading (a semi postive side effect in SSBB Subspace Emisarry, as sometimes the stage loads i load but it takes upto a minute for enemies to load.

with Gamecube Discs burnt to Full DVD. its really Spotty on reading, like an 80[wont load/read properly]/20[loads/reads properly] chance it wont.

i have a second wii i got from a pawnshop but... its a tradeoff of this unit.. as it only "Swallows" MiniDVD/GC sized Discs but spits back out Full DVD sized discs and thats the one i'll likely from now on use till i can get off this one site "Wii Zombie" i think. that has spare drives and parts.

ohh if you read all of this before you complain " cheating is lame even more so in an Zelda game. gtfo.." etc.. im the type that speeds thru the story line then chalange myself to go back without cheats. maybe hard for you to understand but makes it alil more fun for me.