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Thread: Tempremental Wii

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    Tempremental Wii

    Hi all....
    Recently ive noticed my wii being a bit hit and miss when loading up backups, even fresh burnt games...
    its got D2pro and wiiclip and ive also got the soft mod too, its at 3.1E firmware, and i have just ran the 1.7 utility disc to see if that helps, also just ordered the nintendo laser cleaner disc....
    At first i thought they were bad burns/iso files but most seem to play on my m8's soft modded wii..
    Normally i used nero to burn but have just switched to Imgburn and i got a fresh batch of RitekG05 -R discs burnt at X1
    Just tried tiger woods 9 and 10, harvest moon, punch out and F1 even tried downloading from different sources but to no avail, any pointers????

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    tried 2 more fresh burns but keep getting disc read error, have cleaned the lens, tried a few of my other games which play for a while then throw up disc read error, will try a few originals and see it i get the same, any idea's????
    This is the same even through the soft mod BUL??
    Only thing could be drive unit??

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    Not one to count my chickens, but stripped down the wii tonight and gave it a hoover out, fresh burn of alvin chipmonks 2 and it worked fine, have to wait to get my other backups back that failed to work and give it a try but maybe its fixed...

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    Fresh burn of skate it and skate city heroes, both load up on disc channel and get passed the intro screen than i get disc read error again???
    Can no-one give me any suggestions????

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    Tempremental Wii

    My wii is tempremental too

    I can somethimes only load backup games by rebooting the wii with the game in the drive, then the game will play perfectly

    I have the 19 wire d2pro with 4.2e and softmod

    I hope this helps

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    have posted other questions in different rooms , but could this be a drive or laser issue, so many games are hit and miss, keep getting 002 errors too even thou i have all latest files on, keep reinstalling soft mods, refitting chip etc...
    sick of burning wii coasters!!!
    looking at the HDD mod next! lol


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