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Thread: How do i update to 4.0 or 4.1 after using wiiSCU and currently being on 3.4e

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    How do i update to 4.0 or 4.1 after using wiiSCU and currently being on 3.4e

    hey everyone i've been ok since now got the latest neo gamma got loadsa virtual games an wiiware even tackled the new super mario issues with the loader. Then i wanted to download the internet channel and have a look at the shopping channel etc, so used wiiSCU to update the channels but not touch the firmware so did that and was all good BUT now ive nearly run out of drive space with all this new stuff, so would like the new sdhc capable menu.

    So the question is how will updating probably using waninkokos 4.0 updater impact the already updated ios's an whats the best way of going about it

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    Either use the Waninkoko updater or do it manually i.e. IOS60 patched and System Menu 4.1E.
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    thanks v much just installed an went through smoothly without a hitch. Is there anything i should be aware of in terms of using the new menu or the internet in any applications that could brick it?
    i must give a big thankyou to all of you at wiihacks your doing some excellent work just out of interest how many wii's did you get through to test this stuff. back in my xbox modding days i got through a couple being silly experimenting re flashing the bios.

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    Hi, warwick666, i've been searching the web for quite a while because i've a similar issue in modding my son's Wii: it has 3.4e firmware and the homebrew channel and i want to try the internet channel!
    I already got to the point where i know i've to use the WiiSCU to update only the Wii shop channel but i donīt know what version o WiiSCU to use (0.22 or 0.23) and i also didn't know if i could use it in a 3.4e firmware (now, through your experience, i know that's possible).

    Can you help me?

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    hey yeah no worrys i used 0.22 then followed up with waninkoko's 4.1 updater and it all went smoothly so i would recommend doing that, let me know how it goes or if you any more help


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