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Thread: D-right, AND softmodded. NSMB does not work.

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    D-right, AND softmodded. NSMB does not work.

    I followed this guide:

    and was able to play games. NOT NSMB, but others.

    Some days later I got this chip, D-right, D-Right - Disclaimer , and I can still don't play NSMB, even if I have patched the game with the patch that the d-right people tells me. For other games the chip is working.

    So, not to my question: Can anything in the 4.2 guide have messed something up? Making my chip not work as it should?


    EDIT: Maybe someone can move this thread to the right place?
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    Hey there! Dunno if you need something different because of your modchip, but I've got a 4.2 Wii softmodded with that guide too, and I can run NSMB!

    I just installed IOS 53 v5406, and then followed this guide:

    [MODEDIT: Removed link to crappy Youtube video guide - all this information is already on the forum]

    Worked like a charm!
    Hope it helps! =D
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    read the NSMB guide, there are far to many NSMB threads already.

    And please dont post links to crappy guides on youtube, all the information needed is already on wiihacks.


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