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Thread: 3.4 does not work with Mario Kart and super Mario Galaxy

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    3.4 does not work with Mario Kart and super Mario Galaxy

    My wii was semi-bricked and sw upgrade to 3.4J. Afterwards, it was accidently upgrade again with US or EU disk, Dead Space extraction. As the upgrade process took only few seconds, so i think it should be still 3.4 but semi-bricked again. Furthermore, there is no SD icon on the left lower corner that 4.0 should be. So, i believe it is still 3.4 but semi-bricked. Play games are no problem except Mario Kart and Super Mario Galaxy. It always show error and see manual (something like that as i cannot read Japanese).

    Could anyone give a hint to solve the problem?

    BTW, it is HW hacked only, no any other sw installed.

    Millions Thanks.

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    Looks like you need a disc with an update from your region. Have a look at this thread:
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