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    USB Loader Help


    Love the cite. It's been a big help while moding my Wii. Most games I've tried (Super Mario Bros Wii, Wii Resort, Mario Party 8, Hasbro Family Night, and NBA 2010) have worked great, but I'm having a problem with Wii Music and Marvel Ulitmate Alliance 2.

    When I try to load Marvel Alliance, the screen rolls and flickers making the game unplayable. I've tried changing between NTSC, PAL 50, & PAL 60 as well as trying three different USB loaders (Uloader, USB Loader GX, and Neogamma 7).

    With Wii Music, I either get a green screen or the same flickering, rolling screen. The difference is that the rolling screen is in black and white.

    I've tried searching through this cite's posts, but haven't been able to locate anything that was close. Any help would be great.


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    Let's just try with one loader, first. A lot of trial and error is involved when playing out-of-region games. In NeoGamma, try different combinations of Force Video, Patch Video and VIDTV. You want to FORCE the video output to match that of your Wii's region. So, if your Wii is US (NTSC) and you are trying to play a PAL version of a game, you would first try FORCE NTSC.

    Sometimes an out-of-region game just canít be played; one sign of that is a green screen freeze.

    Here is also a link to help with USB Loader GX settings:

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    ok thanks Ill try that and post abck what Happens. Thanks


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