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Thread: Legend Of Zelda Retrospective

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    Legend Of Zelda Retrospective

    Great collection of videos giving an overview of all released Zelda games(excluding TP and PH) and also giving a neat theory on the time line of Zelda. Check it out:

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    this is a great set of videos, I suggest every zelda fan spend 30 min of their time to watch those video.

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    Thanks Malice! Really awesome post. Well worth any zelda fans time!

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    neat, i have to agree with this theory, except the end of TP doesnt leave hyrule flooded. so it may not lead to windwaker although it is obviously fits in the timeline where link is missing and zelda is stuck with a trapped gandorf...

    So in my opinion it fits in with the timeline but may leave room for another game in between TP and windwaker where it explains how hyrule gets flooded ?
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    so probably a few decade and global warming affect the hyrule and flooded it?
    and when Ganon's seal touch the sea water(his seal is in ink) the seal disappear? then ganon stop the speed of time and trap everyone in hyrule till link came. LOL probabaly not global warming im just joking
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    Quote Originally Posted by jitterbugjohnny View Post
    Thanks Malice! Really awesome post. Well worth any zelda fans time!
    Thanks, I thought anyone interested in Zelda would really appreciate it.

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    Thanks for posting this since Zelda is one of my favorite franchises so I really enjoyed watching it.


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