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Thread: Flat mii and using neogammer does it work?

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    Flat mii and using neogammer does it work?

    Hi all I've managed to setup homebrew channels and neogammer it works fine with backups.

    Was wondering I have a flatmii which I installed few weeks back but taken it out of my Wii for time being.

    Could I use flatmii with homebrew and neogammer to play games from my PC.

    I cant play imports with flatmii now because I have system 4.2e which blocks it using disk channel,

    but if I run flatmii to neogammer can i play imports and also change display to force 480p?

    One more think if I use flatmii through neogammer will I get full disk speed ?

    The reason I want to maybe do this is so that i can use flatmii for running the games which means no messing with IOS's, but also run through neogammer for imports and display force options. I think thats right anyways lol

    Many thanks
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