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Thread: 4.2U: Boot.dol/elf runs but Downgrade to IOS35 fails

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    Post 4.2U: Boot.dol/elf runs but Downgrade to IOS35 fails

    Hi guys/girls.

    I joined because it looks like I may be able to get some decent answers at this forum that other forums couldn't supply. I have been trying to softmod my 4.2u wii but I am constantly running into a new problem. We have had the wii for probably more then 2 years at this point and I am just now trying to use some homebrew apps.

    The problem comes after I get boot.dol/elf to run from the SD menu. When I select "Downgrade to IOS35" from the dos style menu, I get an error and then it re-prompts me to chose what I want to do again.

    I can not figure out how to get past this. I am sure it is something small that I am missing, but can not figure it out. Any ideas?

    FYI: I followed these instructions Wii Softmodding for Dummies - Powered by CO.CC - I think they must be irrelevant now though. Unfortunately there is so much info out there now its hard to tell which is specific to 4.2 and which isnt.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Don't downgrade, it will cause more problems then it is worth.
    Try this link :

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